Graduate to a Great Career

businessHow Smart Students, New Graduates and Young Professionals Can Launch Brand You


Imagine finding your career path and your first job as an entrepreneurial venture. The “product” you’re launching is Brand You.

Now, maybe for the first time in your life, it’s up to you to do what it takes to find and get a great career. You can be one of the fortunate ones: you know who you are, your career path is certain, and you’re in a field that has a shortfall of talent, like computer science or engineering. Congratulations if you are among this lucky breed. This book may not be for you unless you are interested in knowing the best possible ways to market yourself.

But if you’re like most students, new grads and young professionals, you aren’t exactly sure about who you are and which career path is right for you. You could be in a field that’s crowded with applicants and you need to stand out. Or you could be facing a difficult economy or job market where you live.

Whatever the reason, you need to get better at networking, online branding, and pitching yourself. You need to work smart and brand yourself in order to avoid a long, fruitless slog that will test your ability to keep going on. From CV formatting that beats the resume robot to the secrets of those who know how to “click” with interviewers, and from how to ace the Skype interview to interning like a pro, this book is filled with practical advice that’s fresh and gets results.


Reviews and Praise

“One thing you don’t learn in college is how to get a job. Don’t panic. Catherine Kaputa’s new book will provide you with a graduate degree in the subject. Don’t go job-hunting without it.”

Al Ries, author, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

“In her latest book, Catherine Kaputa shares the secrets of personal branding, the skill that will set you apart from the other job candidates in your field. GRADUATE TO A GREAT CAREER will ease your anxieties about the job search and set you on the right career path for you.”

Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

“A ‘must read’ resource for new grads seeking their first career-launching role. Even better, seasoned professionals will find the content highly beneficial, especially if they are not ‘digital natives.’”

Beverly Tarulli, PhD, Vice President, Human Capital Strategy & Workforce Analytics – PepsiCo

“This book is filled with wisdom, cutting-edge personal branding advice and stories from real first-time job seekers. It shows you how to differentiate yourself from your peers, unlock the “hidden market” of unadvertised jobs, deftly navigate online job posts, leverage internships and ace the interview. In today’s highly competitive and challenging market for new graduates, you need to read this book – today.”

William Arruda CEO, Reach Personal Branding and author of Ditch. Dare. Do! 3D Personal Branding for Executives

“”Whether a STEM or Liberal Arts major, today’s student must learn how to connect their interests and skills to employment opportunities. Catherine’s book outlines both how and why to begin your career search early as a first-year student, and provides step-by-step instructions of how to market oneself in a complex employment marketplace. Its teachings will turn students from passive individuals applying to jobs into active networkers connecting with companies and organizations.”

Mark Presnell, Ph.D., Executive Director, Career Advancement, Northwestern University

“As a human resources professional, I see the common mistakes and pitfalls that new career professionals often make when trying to land their first job in today’s ultracompetitive market where employers are only looking for top talent. Catherine Kaputa’s book takes the guess work out of the process and gives young professionals the strategies to maximize their career search and land the job!”

Carrie A. Weaver, PHR, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, New York City Economic Development Corporation

“Job hunting has changed dramatically in the past decade. Graduate to a Great Career shows young professionals how to succeed in the social media era and develop a personal brand that will attract the right employers to them.”

Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out and Reinventing You , and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

“The ideal time to master personal branding is at the start of a career. Graduate to a Great Career has a variety of gems appropriate for the generation of young professionals who will work well into mid-century, from developing a T-shaped career and presenting your experience visually to applying to online systems via a ‘trifecta’ of supportive strategies. New grads are lucky to have Catherine Kaputa in their corner.”

Alexandra Levit, author of They Don’t Teach Corporate in College and Blind Spots: 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe

“In today’s competitive marketplace, having a great education and resume is not enough to land a good entry-level job. Graduate to a Great Career introduces a breakthrough process for finding your career path, branding yourself so you stand out and executing a successful job hunt. I wish I could have read it when I was starting out.”

Harvey Cohen, SVP Chief Marketing Officer, Empire State Development

“As a marketing professional and now a professor of marketing, I have seen with first-hand experience how important branding is – and how effective it can be for individuals as well. In business school we prepare our young graduates with knowledge and skills but don’t do as much as we could with preparation for the job world. Ms. Kaputa’s new book will be essential for all young people looking to launch their careers. Branding is character and finding your brand gives you a great competitive advantage.”

Peter Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing, Fordham University

Graduate to a Great Career is the quintessential “go-to” guide for the college (or high school) grad. Practical advice and guidance, partnered with stories and examples, accompanied by exercises at the end of each chapter, make this book highly impactful. Catherine has crystalized down to the essence the steps a job seeker in TODAY’s market needs to take to be successful. Only someone who intimately knows today’s job market could do this with the expertise that Catherine has.”

Laurie Sedgwick, Director of Career Management, Executive MBA Programs and Alumni Support, Cornell-Johnson

“My students, undergrads, MBA candidates as well as recent graduates, will derive great benefit from Catherine’s real world advice on branding and launching your most important product – you! The book is impressively broad, covering how to research and find the right job, pitch yourself in an interview and fast-starting your career.”

Howard Geltzer, Adjunct Professor, New York University, Stern School of Business; University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business

“Catherine’s book should be handed out at Freshman Orientation: It’s never too early to start learning and incorporating the prodigious information in this book. Most university career services departments are too generic in their approach to be truly useful to most seniors. An undergraduate who reads this work early and often will not just navigate his/her college career more effectively, but get a head start on the realities of building a life-long career. Even if you’re not graduating from college and have been in a career for decades, Graduate to a Great Career will help you refresh and refine your personal branding.”

Beth Adler, CPC, JD, MBA, Executive Coach

“In today’s innovation-driven business world, you not only have to be a creative thinker on the job, you have to be a creative, innovative thinker to GET a job. The advice in Catherine Kaputa’s illuminating book, Graduate to a Great Career, will show you how. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to land their dream job.”

Mitchell Rigie, author of Smartstorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger, Better Ideas.

“Catherine Kaputa teaches you to look at your strengths in a marketable fashion. This book gives new graduates the tools to get the job they want, to set the course for career success. Catherine shows you how to stand out from the competition in the job search race.”

Randi Rosenbluth, M.Ed., Manager of Learning and Development, Society of Women Engineers

“Catherine Kaputa is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the area of personal branding. Her insights and guidance are grounded, clear, and empowering. Her books are eye-openers about what you need to do launch your career in the 21st century. Filled with strategies and tactics you’re not likely to learn at any university, this book is the handbook every college student, young professional and new business owner needs to start a fulfilling career.”

Nomi Bachar, author of Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self

“Catherine Kaputa’s job hunting and career ideas are captivating, persuasive, strategic, empowering and never more apropos. Now I’m telling all the young women I mentor: Read this book and learn how to launch a successful career and Brand You.”

Elizabeth Hitchcock, Director of Strategy and Innovation, AT&T

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