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Women make up 51 per cent of the workforce, but only a tiny percent are Fortune 500 CEOs.

Which begs the question: why do talented women have trouble succeeding in business?

A powerful reason women fall behind is they focus on their work and neglect personal marketing, networking and pitching themselves for plum assignments. Hard work is important, but it’s not enough for success.

Personal branding is a very powerful career tool that savvy women (and most men) capitalize on to reach their goals. Yet it is something that women haven’t utilized as much as men have, and that’s something we must change.

It’s All About Perceptions

The real world rewards perception as well as talent and hard work.To succeed beyond the mid-level in corporations, women must build a successful career identity– a brand– one that’s authentic, focused and relevant.

Drawing on the latest findings of experts in the fields of brain science and gender research, you’ll learn how to build a brand around your personal strengths and your aptitudes as women.

After all, men don’t leave their gender-based aptitudes behind when they go to work, and neither should women.

Who Should Read This Book

Women Who Brand is a how-to and how-to-think book for women who want maximize their potential (and for the men who work with them, love them and want to understand them).

You’ll learn about important new findings in gender research and female aptitudes, you’ll get new insights into why it’s different for women in business. You’ll learn how to harness all your assets to build a successful career identity – your brand – that’s authentic, different and relevant.

This inspirational guide will help you come away motivated and with a clear perspective on how to create more confidence, happiness and career success.

Have A Taste

After subtitle begin with this sentence: Here are some resources to get you acquainted with Women Who Brand.

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Press and Praise

Kaputa, a marketing and branding whiz, mines anecdotes from successful women and her own personal experience to sell readers on themselves-rather than trying to be “one of the boys,” Kaputa insists, women will get farther in the workplace by using the strengths unique to them. Stuffed with self-evaluation materials, direct advice and exercises, Kaputa has put together a useful, well-organized primer on a familiar argument. Kaputa breaks down the idea of personal branding into manageable concepts: specialization, presentation and effective networking. In uncertain economic times, this text should prove useful for job seekers, the underemployed, and those striving for advancement.

Publisher’s Weekly

“In my books, I write about strong women and how they achieve success. In Women Who Brand, Catherine Kaputa shows how you can do it for yourself.”

Barbara Taylor Bradford, Author of A Woman of Substance and Being Elizabeth

“Women, you have more power in the workplace than you may know. Whether you need a total career makeover or just a little refining around the edges, Women Who Brand will show you how to get ahead while staying true to yourself. Empowering, insightful and fun to read.”

Clinton Kelly, Co-Host of TLC’s What Not to Wear

“Catherine Kaputa turns conventional wisdom inside out. Instead of trying to emulate the masculine males that dominate the boardrooms of corporate America, women should take advantage of the unique characteristics of the female mind. A brilliant read and a brilliant strategy.”

Laura Ries, author, The Origin of Brands

“In the marketplace, powerful brands win. In the workplace, a powerful personal brand gets results. Now Catherine Kaputa nails how women can truly brand themselves in Women Who Brand, a terrific tool to help bring your authentic self to work and leave the mini-man image and behavior behind.”

Mary Lou Quinlan, CEO, Just Ask a Woman and author of Just Ask a Woman

Women Who Brand was originally published in hardcover as The Female Brand and has been expanded and updated in this paperback edition.

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing (Boston/London)
ISBN: 978-1-85788-624-5
E-ISBN: 978-1-85788-998-7
Price: $24.95 US
Price: £16.99 UK

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