Brand Your Business! Brand You!

businessBuilding a business is a very personal act. Every business is built by someone like you or me, an ordinary person trying to do something extraordinary.

You have to be willing to leverage every asset to build a successful business. That’s why it’s important to think brand and build a personal brand – Brand You – in tandem with your business brand.

After all, nothing is sold until it’s branded.


My goal in my talks to entrepreneurs and in writing Breakthrough Branding is to provide a how-to and how-to-think guide for entrepreneurs who want to grow a small idea into a brand.

Destiny is a dramatic word, but the first step in starting a new venture is identifying your business destiny, determining what business you – and only you – were meant to create. The best idea for you will involve the perfect convergence of your skills, talents, and passions with the needs of the marketplace.

Catherine Speaks About Breakthrough Branding

And a Name

Like with a newborn, your first creative act is to come up with a name for your brand. In many ways, a brand is the name. So you need to come up with a powerful name that is different, memorable, and ideally positions the brand in the minds of others.

What makes a name good? Check out our naming boutique, And A Name.


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