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businessWe’re all entrepreneurs today. No matter what our job title is or whether we are running our own business or work in a company, innovation, brand-building and growth are in everyone’s job description today.

We all have to be innovative, creative, and build community with our customers if we want to bring maximum value to our careers and to the company we work for.

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The good news is that entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are skills we can all learn. It all begins with tuning into the entrepreneurial branding mindset.

In her book, Breakthrough Branding, and talks and workshops for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs; Catherine Kaputa offers lessons for business and for life through a keynote package that combines positioning strategy, inspiration and branding principles to harness the power of innovation and brand- building in your company. Breakthrough Branding won the Silver Medal in the 2012 Book of the Year Awards in the Business category.

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Many of the lessons of breakthrough branding are counterintuitive beginning with one of Catherine’s most important maxims, “Think small.” Everyone in branding talks about finding the big idea, but there’s a fundamental paradox of business ideas. Ideas that become big brands start out small – simple, focused and specific. In her talks and workshops, Catherine will show you how to find your “small idea” and how to transform it into a big brand.

Catherine also leads naming workshops including ideation exercises to help internal business teams and entrepreneurs develop names that pop in the marketplace and drive sales. After all, a great name can help make a brand. Blue Ribbon Sports changed its name after 13 years in business to Nike, and what a difference the new name made. To learn more, visit And A Name.

Press and Praise

Catherine has been ranked #22 among Top Global Gurus in the Branding category. She has been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox Business News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Financial Times, USA Today and other media.


“Catherine Kaputa came in like a whirlwind of fresh ideas that turned my thinking about my brand and being an intrapreneur upside down! She gave me the ideas and motivation to define and differentiate my personal and my business brand. Catherine’s ability to look at a person, a product or a company and to find a smarter way to market it sets her apart. She will do the same for you or your company.”

Elizabeth Hitchcock, Director, Digital and Social Platforms, AT&T

In her keynote talks and workshops, Catherine Kaputa provides business insight, best practices and humor custom tailored to each audience. Contact to learn more.