Graduate to a Great Career Talks

Successfully Launching Brand You

One of the hardest challenges people face is making a successful transition from university to career. It’s always been difficult for first time job seekers because they lack experience and a track record, but today, new graduates face an up and down economy and tremendous competition. Between 40 – 50% of new grads end up “underemployed” in jobs that don’t require a college degree. Or they have to accept contract or part-time work in the gig economy. Not exactly how you want to launch your career. That’s why starting early to brand and market yourself when you are still in college is critical. It used to be about, “Can you do the job,” now, it’s about, “Can you make a better impression than the other 200 people who can do the job?”

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That’s why starting to brand, network and market yourself in college and in your early career is so important. It used to be about, “Can you do the job,” now, it’s about, “Can you make a better impression than the other 200 people who can do the job?”

In this talk students, new grads and young professionals will learn how to:

  • Pick the best career path for your strengths and passions
  • Tap into the “hidden job market” of the best and unadvertised jobs
  • Develop a resume that gets past the resume robots that do the first screening of resumes
  • Use the most effective strategies and tactics for job hunting
  • Network and market yourself on social media
  • Get noticed in a competitive job market
  • Make valuable new contacts at every networking event
  • Leverage social media in the job market
  • Use your Career Services Office for contacts, advice and endorsements
  • Set up valuable internships and informational interviews
  • “Click” with interviewers in person, on the phone and via Skype
  • Pitch yourself for a job, internship or informational interview

“I heard glowing reviews of your presentation to our Executive MBA students. The feedback and comments were outstanding. Thanks so much for your presentation, your energy and your passion. I’ll look for other opportunities to share your expertise with our students.”

Directory of Executive MBA Programs
Cornell University

“It was such a great night. We are still getting emails from alums saying how wonderful you were. Thank you again for being such a wonderful, inspiring and fun speaker.”

Director of Alumni Events
Northwestern University

“Thank you for a great program yesterday. I know you must have been jet lagged, but it did not reflect in your energy or delivery. The participants enjoyed the program. You gave them a lot to think about.”

Associate Director of Talent Development
Yeshiva University

In her keynote talks and workshops, Catherine Kaputa provides business insight, best practices and humor custom tailored to each audience. Contact to learn more.