Social Selling, Brand Ambassadors
and Virtual Branding Talks

Whether you’re in sales, an entrepreneur or an employee who wants to get ahead, it’s important to develop an online brand that complements your in-person brand and to leverage the power of social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

A weak digital brand is like a weak reputation. People won’t think you’re as good as someone who has a strong brand on the Internet. People are going to “Google” you and they’re either going to find a strong image online, a weak one or nothing.

Social Selling: A Strategic Tool

The good news is that social media is democratic, so it’s easy to build your online identity and measure you’re online reputation. Social sellers use social media like LinkedIn’s capabilities as a strategic tool to nurture existing client relationships and attract new customers. Social selling boosts the number of engagements and leads to increased sales. Content is currency on social media and you need to engage customers with content that is useful, fresh or surprising.

Brand Ambassadors: A Win-Win

Brand ambassador programs can be a win-win situation both for companies and individuals. It turns out what employees say about company products is much more credible than what key executives say according to studies.

For employees, being a brand ambassador increases employee engagement and visibility, especially online. Smart brand ambassadors use LinkedIn and other social channels to build their online career identity in addition to engaging customers and prospects with a steady stream of posts and tweets as brand ambassadors.

Praise and Press

Catherine has been ranked #22 among Top Global Gurus in the Branding category. She has been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox Business News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Financial Times, USA Today and other media.

“Thanks for presenting “Virtual Branding and Social Selling.” The team felt it was an excellent session and particularly enjoyed the 1:1 review of their Linkedin profiles.”

Chris Clayko, Director, Sales, Google

“Thank you again for joining us last night as our featured guest speaker. I really enjoyed seeing you bring even more life to the stories and examples portrayed throughout your book.  We had over 120 attendees and the feedback has been overwhelming positive.

A number of the people expressed an interest in reaching out to you directly to assist with either their corporate initiatives or personal branding goals.”

Melissa Carmichael, Managing Director, Marsh

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