Women’s Leadership Talks

womens leadership talksWomen make up over fifty percent of the workforce today, but there are few women occupying top-level positions in companies. Why is that? Many have blamed the “glass ceiling” or the “boys club” for shutting out women.

According to Catherine Kaputa, this is a tired myth because it views a woman as a victim rather as a leader – a doer in charge of her own destiny and career success.

In her book, Women Who Brand: How Smart Women Promote Themselves and Get Ahead, and her talks and workshops, Catherine puts forth a different view.

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“Women are not in as many leadership positions as men because we have some catching up to do. We aren’t as good as men in branding ourselves and playing the game. I think it’s time that we changed that.”

Catherine Kaputa

Business has rules and procedures that men know well. It’s a playing field that men have operated in since they were very young and many women are just beginning to learn about. Winning is the objective and to win men leverage male aptitudes like aggression, personal promotion, a tough skin, and displaying power. Indeed, these aptitudes are the signs of a leader.

Many women, on the other hand, have been encouraged to get along rather than compete, to work hard but don’t try to get noticed, to color between the lines rather than take risks. We’ve been advised to work hard and let your work speak for itself. That advice works in academia but not in the professional world where visibility, personal promotion, networking, career strategy and other soft power skills make the difference between just doing okay and success. To join the conversation on women’s leadership, visit the Women Who Brand blog.

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In her passionate, practical and entertaining talks to women, Catherine Kaputa shows women how to empower themselves to create career success and bring more value to their companies. She offers insight on how women can play smarter, take a seat at the table in business and win by harnessing their strengths, aptitudes, and above all, authenticity.

Press and Praise

Catherine has been ranked #22 among Top Global Gurus in the Branding category. She has been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox Business News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Financial Times, USA Today and other media.


“Catherine and I worked together for several months to offer a program that met Merck’s learning objectives for a global self-branding program. She nailed it! It was met with tremendous reviews. Using “Metrics that Matter,” I surveyed the group that attended Catherine’s workshop a few months later, and received the highest level of retention and praises. The workshop and Catherine’s book “You Are a Brand” change the way people viewed themselves and how they effectively manage their careers.”

Denise Sena, Global Franchise Management, Merck

In her keynote talks and workshops, Catherine Kaputa provides business insight, best practices and humor custom tailored to each audience. Contact Catherine@selfbrand.com to learn more.