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Personal Brand Online Assessment

The Personal Brand Strategy Assessment is an online questionnaire designed to measure personal psychological preferences, particularly in terms of how people approach social and professional dynamics.

The Personal Brand Strategy assessment tools are designed to be used in conjuction with You Are a Brand! 2nd Edition, particularly chapter four’s detailed discussion of Ten Personal Brand Strategies.

The book explains each strategy, provides examples of brands and people who illustrate each strategy and shows how to implement the strategy in the professional world to differentiate yourself and maximize your talents and abilities. The online tool will give you additional information to help you in determining the right personal brand strategy for your personality and preferences.

The Ten Self-Brand Positioning Strategies are:

  1. The Innovator
  2. The Leader
  3. The Maverick
  4. The Identifier
  5. The Engineer
  6. The Expert
  7. The Client Advocate
  8. The Elitist
  9. The Heir
  10. The Crusader

While not a predictor of job success, the SelfBrand online assessment tool should help you focus on the two or three personal brand strategies that best fit your personality and preferences.

The online questionnaire consists of 120 questions requiring a yes or no answer, and should take about 30 minutes. The URL for the online assessment test is at the end of chapter 4 of You Are a Brand, 2nd edition available for pre-order. Make sure you order You Are a Brand! 2nd edition.

Taking the test in conjunction with reading the new 2nd edition of You Are a Brand! should help you determine your personal brand positioning and develop an action plan for your most important asset, Brand You.


zebraWhat kind of animal are you in business?

Person-group-48What is your best personal brand strategy?