Did Kristi Noem Kill Her Reputation When She Killed Her Dog? By Catherine Kaputa

Posted May 3, 2024 by Catherine Kaputa in Uncategorized / 0 Comments

A rising star in Republican politics, Noem’s story about killing her wirehaired pointer Cricket in her memoir, “No Going Back,” proved that there was no going back. That story will likely dog her throughout her future career.

It wasn’t just politically incorrect, it was political suicide as political strategists have pointed out.

What’s the lesson here?

People at the top of their game often develop a false sense of invulnerability.

In fact, they are more vulnerable.

 You should realize that you will be living in a fishbowl when you become more prominent in your industry, in your company or neighborhood. People will scrutinize your words and actions more closely that they did when you were not so well known.

People will be looking for mistakes, false claims and questionable activities. Reporters started analyzing Noem’s book further and questioned her claim that she met Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s dictator, when she was a member of Commerce. It can start to seem like jealous competitors may try to take potshots at you.

As I point out in my book, “You Are a Brand,” as much as the media likes to build people up, it also like to take people down. The story of Ms. Big’s fall from grace sells. As does the juicy scandal that Mr. Big got caught up in. Hence the global interest in the trials of former president Donald Trump.

When someone’s career success craters, it often gives people the feeling of schadenfreude, or delight in the misfortunes of others. Don’t make it easy for others to bring you down. Realize that your actions will be studied. So make sure you double-check everything before posting on social media or in a book.

Remember: You have a lot to lose. It takes years to build a reputation. And minutes to tear it down. That’s why it’s smart to adopt the mend-set that everyone will find out everything. Let opportunities pass you by that could hurt your reputation. Losing your reputation is more valuable than losing your possessions.

If you are about to get into a PR nightmare, try to take control of the story. As the old PR saying goes, “Tell them everything and tell them first.”