Reputations Take a Long Time to Build, But a Short Time to Destroy

Posted June 10, 2024 by Catherine Kaputa in Uncategorized / 0 Comments

People at the top of their game often develop a false sense of invulnerability.

In fact, they are more vulnerable.

People will scrutinize your words and actions more closely. You need to realize that you are living in a fishbowl. People may be looking for you to trip up in some way.

As much as the media likes to build people up, it also likes to take people down. The story of Mr. Big’s fall from grace sells. When something like this happens, it gives people the feeling of schadenfreude, or delight in the misfortune of others.

Look at the way everyone is piling up on Jennifer Lopez after rumors that her marriage to Ben Affleck is on the skids, her music tour is cancelled, and the $60 million home she shares with Affleck is on the market. Today in the news, we’re hearing from Meghan McCain that J-Lo was “deeply unpleasant” to the other panelists on ‘The View.’ She is no longer Jenny from the hood.

That’s not to say that you can’t rehabilitee yourself. Look at Martha Stewart who served prison time for insider trading in 2001,

Remember the gray poncho that Martha wore when she was released from prison? It was a handmade gift from a fellow inmate. The poncho was a brilliant branding device because it conveyed the right messages for rebranding herself as I pointed out in my book, “You Are a Brand.” The poncho showed she was no diva but someone who could bond with her fellow prisoners and can pluck style out of anywhere.

She was on the path toward redemption.

Flash to 2023, now 80ish, she’s on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and in 2024 the face of Miracle-Gro”s “Gro Like Martha” ad campaign. She never thought her career was over. She paid her time and now she’s back at the top and in demand.