Branding Tips from the Democratic Candidates: Elizabeth Warren

Posted May 22, 2019 by Catherine Kaputa in Careers, Famous People / 0 Comments

I’ll be looking at every candidate’s branding over the next months leading to the Democratic primary. Politicians tend to be good at branding, so there are lessons and tips that can be useful in our own careers. I might as well start with Elizabeth Warren who has been so quick out of the gate with her ideas and proposals.

Elizabeth Warren: The Can-Do, Policy-Heavy Brand

Usually, presidential candidates take a safe approach and are very vague about proposals, at least in the beginning. Not Warren. She’s hit the ground running with her ideas and how to implement them. Here are the key ones so far:

  • Universal Child Care
  • Wealth Tax
  • Student Debt Cancellation
  • Break Up Big Tech

Presidential candidates wrap their brand in red, white and blue. In her banners and website, she stands out with her range of colors including a cool mint blue as her primary color. Visual identity is important, look how far Trump got with his red MAGA hats!

While Warren can project as smart and wonky, she also makes herself relatable with her news bits on Game of Thrones.

Self-Branding tip:Be known for your bold ideas that deal with problems in your company/department/industry.